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Longevity Extension risk insures against the additional expense of longer than estimated life expectancy within a limited population of insureds. It offsets the increased costs as a result of insureds' improving health. Longevity risk is present in life settlements, pensions, annuities and medical insurance. 

Life Settlement Portfolio Risk Management and Insurance

Enterprise Risk and Compliance Services

Longevity Shortfall Insurance

It is efficient, economical, and flexible. Investors are protected through a licensed insurer to provide liquidity at a set future date by purchasing the remaining life policies. 

Portfolio Insurance - Residual Value

Longevity tail risk is the financial exposure to random fluctuations and improving health conditions of  life insured at a future date. Using the Trident structure and defined underwriting guidelines one can transfer longevity risk to an insurance company to assure certainty in the investment.

10-Year Terms and longer

Life Settlements are a long-term investment in an alternative, non-correlated asset. Meaning the returns are not based on capital markets. Looking for a portfolio to perform between 10 to 15 years is ideal. Longevity will set a residual value of the policies at a future date. 

Life Insured Policy Sale and Tertiary Market Services

Our depth of knowledge of industry participants, affords us insights to help a life insured evaluate a method to liquidate their life policy. We have the ability to provide consultative services to manage the pricing targets, marketing to providers, and transaction oversight

Maximize Risk Adjusted Returns

A portfolio of life settlements with Longevity insurance will assure certainty of return to investors. We write bespoke structures that add value to an offering.

Feasibility and Underwriting Tail Risk

The sophisticated portfolio manager can access longevity risk and coverage on either a finite or portfolio basis. Trident provides feasibility and underwriting expertise to transfer tail risk on either scheme. Let us share how to take tail risk off your books and assure liquidity at closeout. 

Private Life Insurance Structuring for longevity financing

Longevity Shortfall Tail Insurance for life settlement portfolios

Life Insurance and Long Term Care

Longevity is to live a long life. It is a risk in life insurance, retirement, medical expense and long term care.  


Life Insured Representation - Soliciting Offers, Offer Vetting, and Transaction Oversight

Selling a life insurance policy, just like you are selling a car or a home, is a financial transaction. We can help you through the process to maximize the amount an investor will pay for your policy.  


Collateralize With Insured Life Settlements

Life Settlements are ideal as collateral for either financing more speculative investments or layering returns. With longevity insurance a financier can determine the future value of the asset.  We advise on a structure to bundle and secure a value of life settlements as collateral to finance a project.

Insurance Risk Structuring

Longevity Insurance Contract

 Our Longevity Shortfall policy offers flexible limits of cover, that include coinsurance options for future value of policies 

Underwriting an Existing Portfolio

 If you have an existing portfolio and a desire to put certainty on the returns we have an option for you. We will underwrite the life policies that qualify to our guidelines and develop premium pricing for the portfolio to a future target date. 

Finite vs Portfolio Risk

Longevity insurance is a tool to provide liquidity for a timely closeout of an investment.  The amount of risk transfer can be on either a portfolio basis or finite limit of insurance. Let us model the risk and see what if most efficient.

Medical Gap Insurance

There are a dozen different insurance programs that will write the gap in coverage on medical and Medicare plans. It can be financed in many different ways. We can help structure the right way

Bespoke Insurance Structures

With a deep knowledge base, we can customize longevity tail risk in life settlements, life insurance, long term care financing, and medical gap insurance.  Our depth of knowledge can assure an attractive option to manage risk.  

Claim Liquidity

Our process is transparent and efficient. Any dispute is adjudicated under U.S. law. 

Risk Modeling

Our modelling service provides both a deterministic and stochastic analysis of a portfolio. We provide consultative services that will deliver insights to enhance returns 

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Longevity Insurance

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