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Insurance Solutions for Alternative Assets and Collateral Transactions Utilizing Life Settlements, Pension Transfer, and  Life Insurance asCorporate Rewards Programs 


Knowledge Expert on Longevity Tail Risk

Longevity risk is volatile and the "X" factor. It is present in life insurance, pension risk, and executive rewards. As Consultants we can gather the resources to solve or mitigage Longevity Shortfall.  We'll remove  volatility, provide certainty of return, and releases trapped investor capital for a timely exit. 

Portfolio Risk Management, Insurance, and Compliance

Enterprise Risk and Compliance Services

Longevity Shortfall Insurance

It is efficient, economical, and flexible. Investors are protected though a licensed insurer to provide liquidity at a set future date by purchasing the unmatured inventory

Portfolio Insurance - Residual Value

Transferring longevity tail risk of a portfolio insures the total longevity tail risk of a portfolio. That risk may be transferred in total to insurance companies. Using the Trident structure and defined underwriting guidelines  one can assure a minium return at a set duration of time

10-Year Terms and longer

Underwriting guidelines allows flexibility to suit your goals and objectives. We work with you to create that formula. 

Consultative Services

Life Settlments purchased in the secondary and tertiary markets can have higher value if purchased and enrolled into longevity tail cover. We can help define what is self insured and what can be transferred throught contingent capital and insurance markets. 

Feasibility and Underwriting Tail Risk

The sophisticated insured can access alternatives insurance coverage on either a finite or portfolio basis. Trident provides feasibility and underwriting expertise on a portfolio by portfolio basis. Let us share how to take tail risk off you books and assure liquidity at closeout of  policies at a future date. 

Life Settlment Expertise

Longevity Shortfall Tail Insurance for life settlement portfolios

Consulting on Risk Modeling of Portfolio

Not all transactions require tail liability insurance. If you are new to the asset class, we can help define parameters, sources of policies, servcie providers, legal counsel and trust services. In fact, you can transfer the entire project to us and we'll operate it to a strong result. 


Life Insured Representation - Soliciting Offers, Offer Vetting, and Transaction Oversight

If you are soliciting offers for you life insurance and you would like an if would like insights to prepare your policy to be evaluated, if an offer has been recieved and would like an opinion for acceptablity, or oversight on the transfer we can be an objective third party


Collateralized Transactions

Life Settlements are a non-correlated asset that is binary. The value of the asset is based on the policy structure and medical underwriting. A life settlment is an ideal asset to be used as collateral for financing more speculative investments or layering returns. We can advise on a structure that guarantees a future value that a financer, either private or bank, would lend on to cover the life settlment and the more specutlative project. 

Insurance Risk Structuring

Insurance Contract

 Our Longevity Shortfall policy offers flexible limits of cover, that include first dollar coverage with coinsurance options 

Underwriting an Existing Portfolio

If you have an existing portfolio that investors have a desire to put certainty on the returns, we have an option. For a set fee we will underwrite the life policies that qualify to our guidelines and develop a price for us to cover the portfolio until maturity. If you accept the price the fee will be credited. If you think the price isn't in you budget you don't have to insure it. 

Finite vs Portfolio Risk

Insurance is a tool to provide close out and liquidity to investors. The level of risk transfer can be unlimited or finite. Let us model the risk and see what if most efficient.  

Contingent Capital

If your investors want to know upfront and have certainty of the minimum rate of return of each policy that remain at maturity we provide a cover that will pay each policy to a percentage of the net death benefit. We will pay up to 90% of the net death benefit of each remaining policy.  

Bespoke Insurance Structures

We have a deep knowledge base to customize longevity risk, pension de-risking, and private captive insurance placements to accommodate many needs. Our depth of knowledge in contingent capital and contingent liablity of an aquistion of a portfolio can assure a successful transaction. 

Claim Liquidity

Our process is transparent and efficient. Any dispute is adjudicated under U.S. law. 

Risk Modeling

Our modelling service provides both a deterministic and stochastic analysis of a portfolio. We provide consultative services that will deliver insights to enhance returns 

Consultancy Since 2011

Longevity Insurance

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To collaborate and find the most effective insurance structure that demonstrates insight and knowledge to achieve excellent value and effectiveness for our clients

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We value the individual and learn from each person we work with.

Business Strategy Statement

 The Company leverages its unique ability to design and develop customized and simple insurance programs, underwriting models, and servicing strategies that will add value to the risk transfer transaction and increase our value to our insured. 




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