In a complex world identifying operational risk and the strategies to mitigate or trade risk to insurance can be efficient when coordinated with operational governance and  compliance.  We  find value in alternative assets and provide tail risk in life contingent investments and other assets with residual value. 

Operational Risk, Insurance, and Compliance Strategies

Enterprise Risk and Compliance Services

Enterprise Risk and Compliance

Providing input to help your business find the right strategy to mitigate risk through insurance and compliance input


Evaluation of operational risk to structure insurance strategies and insurance governance to a value proposition

Life Contingent Investment

Providing an insurance solutions to Longevity Tail Risk in portfolios of Life Settlements

Pension Assurance

Providing a solution to assure pension proceeds that will meet the administrators need as pensioners life longer

Consultative Services

Trident acts as a program manager and operational compliance consultative group  

Alternative Risk Strategies

For the sophisticated insured or for risks not in the main stream we provide self insured and partially self insured alternatives through captive insurance and reinsurance facilities

Longevity Shortfall Insurance

Longevity Shortfall Tail Insurance for life settlement portfolios

Life Contingent Investing has Longevity Risk

Trident's Longevity Shortfall Insurance provides insured liquidity at a maturity date to pay the difference between the market value and the stated benefit within the life contingent investment. 


Certainty of Return and Liquidity in Life Settlements

Longevity Shortfall insurance elevates the investment in life settlements to a credit enhanced, fixed-term transaction  We sent a designated investment term that  will the net death benefit on non-monetized life policies .  We will agree, to insure a portfolio before you acquire life settlement policies. Our insurance cover provides an enhanced credit rating of "A-" on to the portfolio transaction. 


Improving Outcomes in Pensions

Similar to life settlements,  a defined benefit pension has an unknown liability  because the pensioners are living longer than what was actuarial calculated.  Our participation provides key liquidity to overcome the financial impact of pensions assets not meeting the obligations of the employer. 

Policy Structuring

Insurance Contract

 Our Longevity Shortfall policy offers flexible limits of cover, that include self insured deductibles, and deductibles as a percentage of the presented claims. 

Underwriting an Existing Portfolio

If you have an existing portfolio that investors have a desire to put certainty on the returns, we have an option. For a set fee we will underwrite the life policies that qualify to our guidelines and develop a price for us to cover the portfolio until maturity. If you accept the price the fee will be credited. If you think the price isn't in you budget you don't have to insure it. 

Self-Insured Deductible Plans

We will insure your portfolio. At maturity those policies that have not monetized will be covered under our insurance. You will take a first layer of loss and we will take the excess layer. We will become excess of any percentage you feel is reasonable. We will price the cover accordingly. 

Deductible at Claim

If your investors want to know upfront and have certainty of the minimum rate of return of each policy that remain at maturity we provide a cover that will pay each policy to a percentage of the net death benefit. We will pay up to 90% of the net death benefit of each remaining policy.  

Bespoke Insurance Structures

We have a deep knowledge base to customize longevity risk, pension de-risking, and private captive insurance placements to accommodate many needs. 

Claim Liquidity

Our process is transparent and efficient. Any dispute is adjudicated under U.S. law. 


Longevity Insurance


Trident is a underwriting manager and program administrator. Established in January 2011 in California, Trident has been an early adopter in alternative risk strategies, risk mitigation through governance and compliance implementation and Longevity tail risk for life contingent investments and pension solvency. 





Jeff J. Post - Managing Director

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