Trident is a Managing General Underwriter specializing in Longevity Risk. Providing insurance coverage internationally for Longevity Shortfall© Indemnity Coverage on underwritten Life Settlement Portfolios. Longevity Shortfall takes a contractual position with owners of life settlements to indemnifying life insurance face values at designated maturity dates. The coverage platform includes, administration and loss control services that focus on defining metrics, gathering and analyzing data and implement solutions to attain efficient pricing, effective administration and improved results.

Trident and Trident Global Insurance Company Ltd., has formalized risk sharing agreements with international "A" rated reinsurers to provide underwriting capacity to select transactions.

Toll Free: 1-866-383-0479

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Trident Risk Strategies Ltd., and Trident Global Insurance Company Ltd., are registered companies in Grand Cayman, by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority.